Hydrogen – Energy of the Future

Hydrogen (H2, molecular hydrogen) will likely play a crucial role in the future decarbonisation of the global energy mix. Hydrogen is unique in that when burned for energy, it produces predominantly water as a byproduct, whilst yielding energy. Hydrogen can be used therefore to produce low carbon energy for power, but also for heat, transport... Continue Reading →

Why Edinburgh?

(Other than 'because it's in the QS top 20 world university rankings, duh.') When I logged in the University of Edinburgh as my first choice on UCAS, I had never been to a single open day. I had never spoken to a student with first-hand experience, and I'd only visited Edinburgh for like, eight hours.... Continue Reading →

Where does my recycling go?

You’ve been to the supermarket and picked up a packet of strawberries, a jar of pasta sauce and some yogurts. Later you carefully make sure to wash the packaging out and put it in your recycling box. But after the effort of sorting the waste and dutifully putting it into the assigned recycling bins….. What... Continue Reading →

Can fashion be sustainable?

It’s been 4 months since I joined students from business, fashion, sculpture, history, medicine and more on a 10-day interdisciplinary sustainable fashion trek to India. Yet I still think about what I saw, experienced and learnt frequently. We literally got to journey through the cotton industry from farm to factory to fashion house! A complete... Continue Reading →

All Energy and Dcarbonise Conference May 2019

SEC Campus Glasgow, looking south-east. The All Energy conference, and new Dcarbonise conference, were held again in Glasgow this year. They provided a great opportunity for the MSc GeoEnergy students to interact with industry leaders utilising the latest clean energy technologies, hear from government ministers on their plans to create appropriate frameworks and network with... Continue Reading →

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